Yiannis Moralis

Yiannis Moralis
Yiannis Moralis
Yiannis Moralis (Greek, 1916 - 2009)


lampros lampinos said...

very good, famous, greek painter!

Micros said...

It must be difficult to choose which artist and from what period, to represent on this fine blog.

I suppose, at some point in a life, artists choose to represent themselves in a portrait. This could be out of academia or purely out of ego. In any case, we need to conclude that by doing so, we overcome the simplest of obstacles, in form, concept, symbolism, color, light, energy and truth. The truth being how and why we choose to represent ourselves in this manner.

There have been a multitude of painters in history who have chosen a self portrait. However, the portrait of Carlos Moreu Spa is fascinating. Not only for the freedom of his technique but also because of the energy in these strokes.

For an example of an Impressionist/Expressionist painter, I would recommend Chaim Soutine. A sad an horrid life, but beauty at the end of his brush.

Great blog.


Capetown said...

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